Photos of retrofit machines

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pmtf-mill Pak-Oerlikon Mill - Manufactured by Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, 1989 - CNC retrofit 2010
Harrison-Lathe Harrison L5 Lathe, 1942 - CNC retrofit 2011
Mitsui Seiki Mitsui Seiki Machining Center, 1995 - CNC retrofit 2010
Hermle Mill Hermle Mill, 1978 - Conversion from convensional mill to CNC. Full rebuild including ball screws, servo motors, limit switches, VFD and KaraCNC control - 2006
Turret Punch Shape Delta 2 - Turret Punch, model 1994 - CNC retrofit 2008
Pipe Bender Pipe bender, manufactured by Al-Hadeed Industries, Karachi - CNC control designed and installed by KaraCNC - 2009


Screen shots of our controls

KCM07 - Control for 4 Axis Milling Machine and Machining Center